Hillary Clinton’s Issues And Views

Hillary Clinton is the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. As a presidential hopeful, Clinton has been vocal on a variety of issues. Her opinions are usually liberal, and she is passionate about the rights of women and minorities.

Gay And Transgender Rights

Clinton supports the rights of gay and transgendered individuals to use bathrooms that they choose, marry, and have the other basic rights available to everyone else. This has put Clinton under criticism by conservatives and Christian groups.

As President Clinton has vowed to fight for full federal equality for all persons that are gay or transgendered. She truly believes that too many young people are scared and confused because of the prejudice they fear they will face when they admit who they are.

Clinton has supported the measures taken in the military ranks to allow gay and transgendered persons to be open about their sexual orientation and has vowed as president to make sure that anyone that was taken from a position or discharged in the past for their sexual orientation has their military record changed to reflect the rights they deserve to have.

Educational Initiatives

Hillary believes that everyone has the right to a great education. She supports measures to make college a debt free experience and is also working for solutions to the burden of student loan debt that is holding back part of America. This commitment has gained her support among young workers and recent college grads.

Jobs and Wages

Clinton is always looking for ways to create jobs and ensure that a living wage is experienced by all. A lot of former presidential hopefuls have intoned the same rhetoric but in Clinton’s opinion, there is always more to be done especially during trying economic conditions.

Terrorism Prevention And Homeland Security

Clinton takes the current distress in the Middle East and the threat of terrorism in the United States seriously and is for reasonable measures to keep our country safe.


The current tax system is in need of serious reform in the opinion of Clinton. Part of her platform is taking measures to prevent tax shelters and ensure that large corporations and other companies pay their fair share in taxes on every level.

Small Business Promotion

Clinton believes that some business rules and regulations are not fair to smaller businesses and unfairly give privilege to those that are large.
Clinton plans on unlocking access to capital for those that are trying to start and grow small businesses. Part of her plan is to allow entrepreneurs to delay paying student loans with no interest accrued while they are getting their businesses started.

Another important part of her small business initiative plans is to make the tax process a lot easier for businesses with 1-5 employees. Those with businesses this size currently pay 20 times more per employee to keep up to date with all their obligations related to keeping someone on staff. Relief will also make it easier for small businesses to be able to afford more employees and this will help strengthen the economy as a whole.

Americans With Disabilities, Seniors, And Veterans

Clinton claims that she is for strengthening the benefits, support, educational, and employment opportunities for disabled persons, seniors, and veterans. Clinton plans to do this with better budgeting and reform of the Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran’s Benefits programs.

Rural Community Support And Recognition

There is a lot going on in the country today, and rural American often winds up in a position where they feel left out. Clinton has vowed to help support family farms and rural initiatives that form what she believes is the backbone of the country. Clinton intends on helping the next generation of farmers thrive and prosper. Her plan includes building a safety net to help protect farms during hard times.

Renewable And Affordable Energy

As an environmentalist, Hillary supports clean energy initiatives and believes that good practices should be rewarded. If elected Clinton plans on creating a stronger Renewable Fuel Standard and increasing the size of loans that help with biological-based renewable energy programs throughout the country.

Expanded Pre-K, Medicaid, Free Community College

Hillary wants to make sure medical and educational opportunities are widely available in rural areas. She believes these programs will give students a strong start to a bright future. An early start in education sets a standard for the future of America.

Free college was a big selling point by Democratic loser Bernie Sanders although idealistic people realized it was unrealistic. Clinton has adopted a generally similar theme as Sanders on education but with a much more realistic perspective.

Gun Control Initiatives

Hillary is strongly for very increased gun control measures. This view has made her a major target for the second amendment and special interest groups such as the National Rifleman’s Association. If elected Hillary plans on expanding background checks for all gun purchases. She is strongly opposed to any person that is on government watch list or being treated for mental illness to be able to purchase any weapon or firearm.

Clinton plans on increasing penalties for those caught purchasing firearms for other people and wants to make sure that guns are not accessible to those that are known to have a track record of domestic violence and abuse.

Immigration Debate And Citizenship

Clinton knows that there are serious problems with Immigration laws. The presidential hopeful wants to create measures that allow for a more streamlined and easy to understand process towards citizenship.

The Clinton campaign has been clear that she believes that everyone should be given a chance to become a citizen and that families should not be forced apart due to the current hard to navigate immigration process.

Clinton wants to create a system where immigrants have the option of buying into the Affordable Health Care Act. Hillary also wants to close private detention facilities that exist to detain immigrants that arrive in dire circumstances.

Naturalization initiatives supported by Clinton include expanded English proficiency programs, help with understanding and getting started with the naturalization process, and a reduction in the fees and costs associated with becoming a citizen.

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