Hillary Clinton Net Worth

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the 2016 Democratic nominee for president of the United States made her fortune through teaching, holding political office, smart investments, and public speaking fees.

In 1973 Clinton graduated with a law degree from Yale University and worked as a public defender.

As the wife of former president Bill Clinton, Hillary was often scrutinized for her role in White House Politics. Of course, her memoirs and speaking fees put her in demand.

Publishing Deals And Clinton Foundation

In recent years Hillary Clinton has had major publishing deals for her memoirs. This has contributed to the fact that a great deal of Hillary’ s net worth has been accumulated over the last 15 years.  Speculation over her total net worth has been rampant due to the large sums of income reported by the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Speaking Fees

The large volume of speaking fees earned by Clinton and paid by larger corporations has led some voters to state that she is too involved with big business to be a good choice for president. Her husband Bill also commands large fees for speeches.

Reported Versus Real Net Worth Controversy

With a reported combined net worth of just over $40 million, many are skeptical that this could be a real figure when Bill Clinton alone commanded $105 million in speaking fees from 2001-2013.  The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation recorded $230 million in income since 2001.

With Hillary charging at least $225,000 per speaking engagement, the $400,000 per year presidential salary is not going to mean a lot to her. A presidential win and term will no doubt provide a lot more interest and competition for her attention which would mean larger fees.

In short, Hillary Clinton’ net worth is reported at roughly $20 million but could potentially be larger if all of her resources and assets are accounted for.

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