Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Update: October 30, 2016 – In another twist among the Clinton email scandal, the FBI director James Comey announced a warrant to further search a newly discovered 650,000 emails from the Clinton camp on Huma Abedin’s soon-to-be divorced husband Anthony Weiner.

Abedin testified under oath in the past that she had no knowledge of possessing any devices that contained Clinton related emails but this laptop taken from the Weiner / Abedin household looks like it can potentially be a big thorn to Clinton and Abedin depending on what the contents of the emails possess.

If disgraced former Congressman Weiner ends up leading to further difficulties for Clinton or even a downfall it would be the ultimate unfortunate development given that Weiner has already for years disgraced his name and Huma Abedin with his own “sexting” scandals.

The stupidity of Weiner has no bounds and he continues to negatively affect those around him. The reason his name has appeared along side this discovery is because the FBI had seized his laptop to find evidence of inappropriate behavior toward a teenage girl when they discovered the 650,000 new emails many of which were Abedin’s interactions with Clinton and her camp.

Given the extremely large number of emails discovered, there could be a lot of overlap with previous emails the FBI has searched and could take weeks to get through. There should be more news from the FBI this week about the discovery. We will keep you updated on the latest.


If there has been one major scandal during the 2016 presidential campaign, it has to be the email controversy surrounding presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Here is the history and all the details:

In March 2015 it was discovered that Clinton was using the private email server for her family to send classified and top secret information. This serious breach in security was enough to instigate an investigation that has only recently ended.  During the time Clinton was Secretary of State and was supposed to be using official federal servers and email accounts for all communications that contained any classified or top secret information.


The email occurred when Clinton was also facing questions from the United States House Select Committee On Benghazi which was formed to investigate the attack on the US Consulate that resulted in the deaths of a US ambassador and three other Americans. The email controversy caused Clinton to be looked at with increased interest over if her email security helped contribute to the tragedy.

May 2016

In a report from the FBI of the official investigation into Clinton’s emails, they stated that she had been extremely careless but recommended that no criminal charges be files against her. This decision caused outrage from critics and political opponents that feel she was given special treatment.


The email controversy has reinforced criticism from the Trump campaign and others that if Clinton is so careless with something as simple as email, then how can she be a good choice for president of the United States?

The email scandal was a very hot topic because it caused speculation that Clinton would not get the official Democratic nomination because she would be facing criminal charges that could result in a significant jail term.

 National Security

The concern over terrorism and national security have made the emotions surrounding this scandal all the worse. Many voters are questioning just how secure the United States is if politicians are beings so lax with sensitive information.

As the election grows nearer, there is no doubt that National Security will be a major talking pint among candidates.

Embarrassment And Ethics

As more emails become public, the outrage continues. Of course, these emails have been used by some to suggest events and scenarios that have not been proven to be true. Some even use these emails to suggest that Huma and Clinton have a more personal relationship than just being on the same campaign.

Use Of Blackberry Smart Phones

During Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, a great deal of communications and another business was done through the use of BlackBerry phones. These emails were routed through her private server at her house in Chappaqua, New York. The use of Black Berry phones and a private server was seen as ludicrously bad by the FBI who warned her not to use them for confidential communications.

Clinton defended her decision because setting up secure communications on a desktop was not convenient enough for her busy schedule and the constant need to communicate with others on key issues.

No Encryption

Before Clinton was Secretary Of State, a family friend was on charge to the email systems and had no high level of security clearance. After that, the person in charge was Bryan Pagliano who was the IT director for Clinton’s ill-fated 2008 presidential bid.

Chris Soghoian and other IT security experts say that they believe Clinton’s emails have long been at risk for hacking attempts because many of them were not sent with any encryption at all, making them an easy target for those in the know and seeking out confidential inside information.

It was found that hackers were able to access Clinton’s private email server from countries such as Serbia, Germany, China, and South Korea from 2012-2015. No one can be sure what information was gleaned or if all the hackers realized what they had accessed.


Clinton has often denied sending any actual classified information in her private emails. The FBI deemed this false, finding that dozens of emails contained information that would have been considered highly classified at the time. Despite this knowledge, they have chalked Hillary’s security breach up to pure negligence in the pursuit of easier communications.

Critics say that the FBI findings just show how dishonest Clinton is and that she is not to be trusted with the major confidential secrets of the country that she would be privy to as commander in chief.

Effect On Campaign

There is no question that the email scandal has caused a lot to question Hillary Clinton and her decision-making skills. Clinton is still adamant that she did nothing to compromise the security of the country. Websites are rampant with private emails that have been secured through hacking and security glitches both before and after the investigation.

Clinton supporters say that she did nothing that others in the past have not done.¬† Her fans are sure that this will have no effect on her ability to create great change at a critical time in this country’s history. Regardless it is clear that some have lost trust in Clinton, and this will be a hard thing for her to regain in the coming election.

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